Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My Edited photo - three ways

I LOVE my puppy!! Teddy is a bloodhound that we got from Texas from a rescue place that was specifically for hounds. I love this photo of him because he is always so curious and I love photos where he looks interested in something, but his nose isn't pressed to the ground (I can actually see his face to photograph here)

The first edited photo is very warmified. He is a bloodhound, but he is mostly brown. When that redish color is taking over the picture I feel like it has a more houndish feel.

In the second photo I wanted to basically show how much I do love my pup. I wanted to make him the focus of the picture. I faded out the area around him and added a bit of glow.

The third picture is a basic black and white. I love to experiment with black and white and although I didn't have a specific purpose in mind I feel like photos just have a different feel to them when they are in black and white.

You are going to have to look at them on flickr because my computer is not cooperating at the moment!
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