Friday, May 04, 2007

Make up work Week 10! A better detailed edited workflow!

Here is more detailed work flow! I did add good detailed on how i did my edited work flow! So i had to work on another edited work flow with better descriptions on how i edited my photos. I have messed up on my last edited work flow and came up with a better one.

Photo #1

This is my original photo!

Here is my edited photo!

How i did my work flow

1.) I went to create new fill or adjustment layer and chose Brightness/Contrast after creating a adjustment layer.

2.) I set the brightness up to +70 and i set the contrast to +29.

3.) I have created another adjustment layer and set the Input Levels -0.95-253 and the output
levels at 0 - 253 on the RGB Channel.

4.) I have set the curves on another adjustment layer set at Input -111 and output 123.

5.) My edited photo now looks brighter and has more detail and looks better compared to my original photo.

Photo #2

My Original Photo

My edited photo

How I edited my dog photo!

1.) I went to Image-Adjustments-Curves and set the Input at 121 and the Output at 95.

2.) I set the color balance levels at

Midtone - cyan-red- +33


yellow-blue- +10

Highlights- cyan red- +32

magneta-green- -16

yellow-blue- +10

3.) I created a adjustment layer and set the brightness at +9 and the contrast at -4.

4.) I used the magnetic lasso tool and selected the dog and made him not so contrast by going to
Layers- Mode - Multiply and i have closed the dialog box.

5.) I added more color in the background and the contrast on the dog is not so bright and has more color and detail compared to my original photo.

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