Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Editing Workflow

I am still VERY new at photoshop, but here is my basic workflow from the beginning:

1. Choose photo
2. Decide what my original intention with the photo was and can I edit it to reach that intention.
3. Choose new direction if necessary
4. Crop
5. Straighten
6. Adjust levels
7. Highlights
8. Use clone stamp if necessary
9. Sharpen - if needed

While I am still in the beginning stages of editing with photoshop my workflow may include testing out B&W strategies, and other interesting effects. This is the same with Picasa. I like to try out some of the more interesting options, just to see what can be done. I also tend to overdue some of the editing - like with sharpening and highlights - for example. I really like to see exactly what the tools can do! This is a very exciting process!
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