Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Online Photographer: Digital and its Discontents

The Online Photographer: Digital and its Discontents
One of the subjects of my course is exploring why we take photographs, what is special about photographs. I have assumed that there was not a fundamental difference between film and digital. For me, in my photography, there isn't. but I agree with the distinctions and ideas in this article.

The joy and challenge of looking at photographs is that it is a remnant of a real interaction at a specific moment in time, the more this interaction or connection is weakened the less interesting, and the less valuable, the photograph becomes.

For me photography is sharing a way of seeing and through sharing seeing I am also sharing feelings and values. I am sharing who I am. I am also sharing what I see. The interaction between what I see and who I am is the photograph that I am sharing.
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