Tuesday, October 17, 2006

How do I get organized?

I downloaded the Picasa and installed it on my computer. It did a nice work scanning my photos. It scanned all my directories and the directories of the program files, too, which created quite a lot of junk. The junk took a while to clean up. It was somewhat easy to clean it up by simply hiding the unwanted folders. The program is a nifty way to categorize your photos without moving the physical location of the actual files. Giving the names of "albums" i.e. tags, you can group the photos accordingly. You can also do some basic picture editing with it, too. Such operations as rotating, cropping, automatically correcting colours and so on are really easy to do with the program. I created some albums, like 'Holidays', 'Fairbanks', 'Finland' and 'CD Covers'. By right-clicking a picture and selecting it to be moved into an album you have created, you can create virtual albums of any sort. You can also submit photos directly to the Blog if you wanted to. It is a handy tool for an easy way to organize your pictures and even share them online. I don't have that many pictures yet that they would need extensive organizing, but it's good to know that with such a free tool I can do it in a very short time. I will keep this program in mind (though there are other similar programs available, too) and give it a thought when I really need to organize my photos.
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