Monday, November 06, 2006

Three changes to the same photo

This was my original photo.

I tried to make this picture feel colder as well make it seem like it was later in the day by using a lot of blue. I did this by changing the levels of this picture. I then adjusted the color adding a little more blue. I then adjusted the hue and saturation until I got a photo that I liked

I wanted this picture to feel warm so you would think it was taken just after sun rise. I did this by changing the color balance and then I sharpened the picture.

I wanted to make one photo that didn't seem real. For this I played around with the curves of the photo. Using the curves option is one of the best ways to change your photo because you can play around with the line on the graph and keep changing how the picture will turn out. You can also make multiple points to get really interesting effects.
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