Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Squirrel pictures to different use

This is different version of a picture of a squirrel. Enjoy

This picture is to use for printing to show the nice color and the nice squirrel in Denali. I want to have a colorfull picture with contrast. The eye always seek to the squirrel and you never get tired of look at the picture. Print in big size - and put it on the wall. Here I use Hue/Saturation and after that some extra contrast, and adjust the brightness a little.

This picture is edited to get focus on the squirrel, and the use is to write facts about the animal. I used the blur-tool in Photoshop CS2, and blur all the other element outside of the squirrel to get the squirrel in focus. I also added some warm photofilter.

This picture is in black/white, and I want to use it for printing and give it to people who do not see color. In that way I can get a cheap printing :) I used Image/Mode/Grayscale and then adjust a little with levels in Photoshop CS2
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