Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Edit a messed up picture

Last year I was at Iceland. One day I was in the valley you can see to the left, but it was really foggy that day and I couldn't take any good pictures from the place. Instead I took a picture of a photo hanging on the wall. Because of bad light conditions in the room I needed to use flash. Taking photos like that never make good photos, but with some editing the picture look ok in my photoalbum from the trip.

This is the edited photo. In the iner circel from the flash was all information gone, and it had to be replaced, with new information. I used the cloning stamp to continue the lines in the mountains in to the destroyed part. The clone stamp and healing brush was also used to replace the other parts that was destroyed by the flash. Over the buildings I used layers to darken the buildings. I used different layers because it was different need of editing in different places of the picture. I made the roofs of the building ekstra dark to get more contrast on the picture. I also used layers, to make the colors better I adjusted the contrast. You can still see some of the damages from the flash, but i looks much better.
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