Wednesday, October 04, 2006

This is how does my camera work – Canon Powershot S3 IS

This summary is based on the information from these three reviews.

The Canon S3 IS is a camera in a range of popular compact cameras with optical zoom lenses. All the three articles write about the impressive 12x optical zoom lens, with the image stabilizer that make it possible to take hand-held pictures even when working with long focus lengths.

The LCD monitor could be larger. The monitor is 2 inches. That makes it to only be a medium size monitor. The LCD monitor also have some advantages, it is a vari-angle monitor that makes it possible to take pictures from all positions.

Canon S3 IS do not take so good pictures as a SLR camera, but for a low price you get a camera you can take both good macro pictures and long distance pictures with zoom lens. The camera has lot of different settings, and it’s possible to make good pictures for both professionals and amateurs.

The camera is easy to operate. The most important settings have buttons that you can easy reach with your right hand. The left hand is for the most free to operate the monitor.
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