Thursday, October 19, 2006

Organizing with iPhoto by Ava Vent

I started using iPhoto to organize my pictures and it is working out just great! Before I was using the Kodak software to organize and it was just not working because it would change the category names of my pictures. I like using iPhoto to organize because I have options to make a webpage, a book, and a slideshow. I also can also edit then order pictures online. This program also lets me chose pictures to put onto my desktop my just pushing a button. This way I do not have to keep going to system preferences.
I also started using a hard disk to hold my edited pictures from my Photoshop class; so I use this to organize my pictures also, along with iPhoto. My pictures are in categories by dates. I also name events as categories. My categories consist of new years, junior spring carnival, Mia's 2nd birthday, Co's Wedding, Alisha's Wedding, summer in Huslia, Easter, family pictures, and finally a canoe trip. These are all different times of the last two years, since I got this camera. I have hundreds on family pictures so I'm trying to figure out a way to organize these pictures more. I like to leave the date on the pictures that I take so that they are easier to organize.
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