Wednesday, October 18, 2006


No way - Stephen told us to look at the picture random, and if you put you'r picture in one folder, and you can just look at it. Big joke or... is it true.

Well, as Daniel have wrote, there is a lot of programs hwo help you with this organizing. Some of them are expensive and some have "right price" in other word are free. My choice of program depends on how my computer work with the different programs and what I am use to. I have figure out that all Adobe-programs take a lot of my CPU, and I do not like that. I have never used Picasa, but I have used a program named ACDSee to organize my picture and have used that program a long time. The best part with this program is that it open pictures very fast, even in "full screen", and it is very easy to look through a lot of pictures in full screen. And the price is just 30 $ for it.

I have a folder strukture with my pictures inn with name on every folder were the pictures is from. On that way I can find back to the picture without using a program. In ACDSee i put keyword on the pictures, for exsample, Alaska, Coldfoot, Creek. And I can just seach on one or more of there keyword to find this picture. I also put the picture in different categories, like: Alaska. I make html album of some of the pictures and as I look through my picture I put a ranking on my picture. Then I just choose the folder and seach on that ranking to find those picture I want to put in a html abum.
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