Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Why do you take photographs?

I take photographs to keep fond memories and to convey experiences to those not able to partake in the ‘adventure’. Mostly this is stemmed from the passing away of my father, and realizing that throughout my family’s vast collection of photos, there are not many of him. I cherish the ones that I do have to remind me of him, and in a way have made a small conviction to myself that I would leave behind plenty of photos for my family should something happen to me. (Living in the Fire Service, such a possibility is significantly higher than most occupations)
The photographs I have taken are almost always of people, particularly my friends ‘doing’ stuff. I used to collect profile shots, but after seeing my collection, I found that I enjoyed the ‘action’ shots more that occurred ‘during’ and activity. I have a pretty balanced collection now, because I’ve found that others (who I hope to leave the photos behind for) seem to enjoy the profile shots more.
The photos that I hope to take when I bought my camera were of the action genre. My camera is compact, small, and fairly decent resolution (5.0 MP) so I can take it with me wherever I go, and has a very quick response to the ‘on’ button for when I just decide to take a quick photo in the middle of something going on.
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