Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Why do I take photographs?

I take photographs to save memories. The last years I have not been taken so many photopraphs as I did some years ago. The reason is that I don`t have a digital camera. Now I have planned to buy a new camera, and maybe you can help me to find one.

I like to have pictures of friends and family from vacations and other places I have been. It`s nice to look at pictures and think about how nice it was at that specific trip. I also like to take pictures of things that impress me, like beautiful nature, tall buildings or big machines.

When I am bying a new camera I want to catch good fishing rivers and the landscape into my computer. In the wintertime I like to see pictures from the summer, and in the summer I like to see snowpictures. Wait for the snow to come back.

Since I got adobe photoshop five years ago, I have tried to get the pictures look better in the program. Before that I used some programs that was included when I bought my first scanner. I like photoshop and I hope I can learn more about the program.
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