Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Five pictures I did not take

First: I was in Africa for one month last summer, and we were on a trip with the train. I would like a picture of that train. It was old, went slow and had a rustic look. And we were on that train for total 24 hour! Why I not was able to take the picture? We were 6 persons and had little time. The station was big whit many (MANY) persons, and we was told it could be dangerous to walk alone and maybe miss the other in our group.

Second: We hunt moose in Norway with dogs. I want to get a good picture of the dog and the moose in the forest. But that is hard. When I see it, I am on hunting myself and the camera is too big to always have with you together with other gear like the gun, the dog, food and water without have any backpack. The backpack is too big if you hunt with dogs.

Third: Good pictures of people I know in their everyday work. I don’t know, but I feel that I am disturbing. Maybe that is only a feeling I have.

Fourth: Good animal picture for example a grouse. Imagine a sharp eye catch pictures of grouse, special with a nice background.

Five: More pictures of me. I am the only people in the circle of friends that take pictures. Well, it’s hard to get many pictures of yourselves if you take the pictures. Of course, you can use the tripod but that is harder to get good everyday pictures of me in that way.

My website is http://asuaf.org/~carlrandin/. Check it out for pictures from Alaska . The page is under construction and hope it getting better. Enjoy.
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