Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Five photographs that I did not take, but wished I had.

Sliding moose
About 6 years ago I was hunting fox. And I didn’t have my camera. It was some snow and a lot of ice in the forest this day. Like you normally do on fox hunting, I was waiting for the fox to come. Suddenly to moose was coming out of the forest on the top of a summit, a cow and a calf. The calf couldn’t stand on his feet because of the ice, and he slide al the way to the bottom, about 50 feet. It would be a funny picture.

Policemen in Anaktuvuk pass
When I was at a ceremony at Anaktuvuk pass in the north of Alaska two weeks ago, we were about 200 hundred people in a school. We was eating cakes and drinking coffee there. There were also two policemen there. But they didn’t only have their uniform; they also have a revolver in the belt and body armour. I have never seen policemen with revolver and body armour, on a place where people are eating cake before. I should have taken a picture of them.

A man in the forest
Me and a friend of my, met and old man on a trip in forest, near my home in Norway. He had a little cabin there and knew the forest very well. He was picking a lot of mushroom every fall. We met that man a lot of times after that. He had always a good story to tell. The man walks with a stick, and had always had his glasses in the brow. One day we suddenly heard that the man was dead, and we never took a picture of him.

A picture of farm
I visited a farm one time, where everything looked like the old times. When I arrives the farm, I first met a pig and a goat. They were running out of the barn. They used horse instead of a tractor to do the work on the ground. Also the people were dressed up like in the old times. This was not a museum, but people, that want to do the work in the same way their grandparents did. This would ha been a good place to take pictures, and especially the moment where the pig and the goat is running out of the barn too meet me, I remember very clearly.

Trout-fishing in Rendalen
At one fishing trip to a place called Rendalen in Norway, I got a lot of large trouts. The fishing was especially good this time, but the whether was horrible. It was raining and thundering, but when you get so much fish you like that kind of whether. If I had a camera at that trip I had want to catch the atmosphere with the clear river, the fish in the end of line, and the heave rain. A picture like that would give me good feelings.
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