Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Exploring Digital Photography

Photos I wish I had taken but didn't:

1) A friend of mine doing an Aikido demonstration was placed in an arm-crippling lock. To escape the lock he sprung into the air over is opponent with his legs locked out and pointed like a diver. While in the mid-flight of his escape I wished I had a camera to capture the cool moment, and his odd body positioning.

2) While on a hunting trip a friend of mine was hunting for moose. On our walk we came across a Roughed Grouse, and he wanted to shoot it. Lacking the appropriate firearm to take out a small bird, he reasoned himself to throw a machete at the bird. He wound up and threw the blade as hard as he could, missing the head by a mere inch or two. I tried to capture the moment on camera, but was completely obstructed by a tree.

3) While on a helicopter flight to the Herbert Glacier in Juneau, I handed off my camera to a friend of mine who was going to be sitting in the front seat (since he should most likely have the best view to take photos). While on the flight we passed a place called Hidden Valley, which had very steep hills to each side filled with lush vegetation, and a misting waterfall. I wished I had my camera back during that part of the trip.

4) While at the gym, some friends of mine were ending the hard day with some pull-ups. The exercise made their muscle striations, blood vessels, and even sweat all come alive in an exaggerated manner. I was too timid to want to take a photo of them while in the gym, but I wish now that I had. Their faces were so funny. ;)

5) While on the Chilkoot trail I came to a place called Happy Camp. (though it wasn’t very happy at the time) The rivers had flooded and changed course, right through the trail I was walking. With the rapid elevation changes in the trail, there came a spot where the trail just dropped down (though clearly marked) and disappeared into the rushing currents. Ropes were tied tree to tree for people who still wanted to brave the waters (which I of course did) – but thinking back on it now, I sorely wished I had taken a photo to capture the ridiculous sight of the trail diving into the river.
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